Enterprise IT Support and Project Delivery

authos. noun. au thos. \ˈȯ- thäs\ : 1. Leadership informed by character. 2. Behavior exhibited by STS employees.

Success is defined not just by favorable outcomes but also by the path you take and lessons learned. You want to deploy the right technology for success and growth, rather than simply more of it, but this requires focus and discipline.

Do you want your IT resources to concentrate more readily on value adding programs and projects? Are you delaying a high-resource project because you're concerned it will impact day-to-day IT service levels?

Using Authos™ services, you can selectively generate strategies to remove IT-related limitations on your business. Optimize your existing team and your technology's potential. Take advantage of available managed services and products. Leverage our partnerships with our top suppliers to empower your business and reach your goals.

STS Authos services are defined by the business value you're trying to achieve. Services may include:

  • Ongoing network and end user support
  • Customized applications for managed services
  • Development of a technology roadmap and implementation
  • Budgeting & return on investment analysis
  • Full service virtual CIO consulting
  • Development of a technology roadmap and implementation
  • Resource-intensive implementations

Using an Authos approach, we can offer your company the guidance and expertise to focus on realistic possibilities for performance enhancement, cost reduction, and overall growth. You're looking for visible ROI and competitive advantage from your IT investments. Authos challenges assumptions and helps you take a step back to reconnect business goals with current investments.

STS supports clients of various sizes across many industries - meaning we don't operate from a single template for success. We also know that you need to be able to trust your virtual consultants just like you would full-time employees. The Authos approach balances customer service with independence, so your executives retain full command of overall direction while still being able to consult us when necessary.

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