Depot Repair Services

Extend the Life of Your Hardware

Organizations are always looking for ways to increase profitability – ideally by reducing costs without impacting the organization. Our depot-based hardware repair/maintenance service reduces costs without sacrificing quality.

With Depot Maintenance, when you experience a problem with your equipment, you simply call Scantron Technology Solutions and ask to speak to a support technician who specializes in your type of hardware. The support technician will provide answers to hardware, configuration, or associated system software questions. You will be provided a return authorization number that will be printed on your return shipping label.

Scantron Technology Solutions Depot Maintenance Services provide an innovative alternative to onsite maintenance and allows your company to:

  • Extend the life of retail hardware
  • Lower hardware maintenance costs
  • Maintain a single point of contact for a variety of hardware from multiple manufacturers

Our solutions will help you protect your hardware investment. Our highly trained team of technicians will quickly diagnose, repair and return your hardware.

Scantron Technology Solutions can also provide all the supplies needed to ensure a professional and efficient service offering, including preprinted shipping labels and custom designed foam shipping containers. Quick and easy. This is why Scantron Technology Solutions is a leader in depot maintenance.

Contact STS to control equipment repair costs and protect your environment.