Partnership and
Alliance Benefits

When you take part in the Business Partner or Strategic Alliance Programs you will be eligible for a number of solutions that benefit you as well as your customers.

Benefits for you:

  • Reduce your organization's technical support costs by deferring your customers' technical questions to Scantron Technology Solutions.
  • Ability to provide turnkey solutions to your customers.
  • Better control within customer accounts by having a trusted partner involved with IT support, thus keeping potential competitors out of these accounts.
  • Attractive revenue sharing and commission programs.

Benefits for your customers:

  • Instead of having to place multiple service calls for technology issues, your customers will have a single call solution. When a customer calls our 800 number, they reach a live person. No more dialing "1 for hardware, 2 for parts," etc.
  • A multivendor solutions company providing reputable services and support.
  • Increased uptime and responsiveness with the technologies in use to run your applications means a better overall customer experience.
  • We will help free your customers' IT team from coordinating support services while helping to speed recovery from – and potentially prevent-- outages and other disruptions.
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