Key Vertical Strengths

With over 40 years of network support experience and the trust of Business Partnerships in a wide array of industries, Scantron Technology Solutions brings a broad scope of expertise to a variety of vertical markets with a special emphasis on the Financial, Healthcare, Education and Retail markets.


Banks and Credit Unions are under extreme pressure from compliance, regulatory and security demands. At the same time, pressure on organizational performance is creating the need for maximum process efficiency and network performance. Over 500 financial institutions trust their networks to Scantron Technology Solutions. Our network support solutions address a broad range of FFIEC requirements and consistently produce excellent audit results by addressing high level concerns including:

  • Secure Network Design
  • User Access Control/Authentication
  • Intrusion and Malware Management
  • Router/Firewall Management
  • Patch Updates
  • Backup and Recovery Processes
  • Vulnerability Assessment, Reporting and Remediation
  • IT Audit Support

By leveraging Scantron Technology Solutions to address these concerns and satisfy auditors, banks and credit unions can focus on efficiency and profitability. Because FI processes can be document intensive, the intelligent management of document workflow and printed output is a key area of focus. Our MPowerPrint managed print service provides that intelligence via the efficient management of your printed output and the timely provision of toner and service. By bringing efficiency to this critical cost component, Scantron Technology Solutions can help Financial Institutions improve the bottom line.


Network requirements on Healthcare providers from HIPAA and HITECH are eerily similar to those on financial institutions from the FFIEC. The protection of patient information demands a high level of security from a network including proper design, user access control, protection from malicious code and so on. Over 1500 healthcare providers turn to Scantron Technology Solutions for that level of protection and support. Scantron Technology Solutions Implementation Services also play a key role in the high stakes pursuit of “meaningful use” and Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Key Healthcare industry partners depend on Scantron Technology Solutions to implement secure network solutions for their customers and provide support services that are a key part of HIPAA compliance.


Our status as the preferred service provider for Scantron scanners and optical mark readers (OMR) puts us front and center with educational institutions for help with their network implementation projects and on-going support. Scantron Technology Solutions is in a unique position to support technology in school environments that help with the "Race to the Top".


With Scantron Technology Solutions Field Service Technicians in major metros across the U.S. and skill-sets in both network and mechanical troubleshooting, we are well suited to support the high traffic demands of retail environments. The Depot Repair and Advance Exchange capabilities of our Omaha, NE support facility allow our retail customers to tailor onsite and depot solutions to the unique back office and point of sale hardware in their network environment. Retail locations depend on Scantron Technology Solutions for support of their network and point of sale infrastructure.

Other Industries We Serve:

  • Wholesale Trade
  • Public Administration
  • Art, Entertainment and Recreation
  • Real Estate
  • Transportation and Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
…and more!